Friday, November 13, 2009

No, Sis, I didn't get a tattoo.

Onward. Here I am walking with "Mr. Routine Guy". I mentioned him a couple blogs back. I think I have him interested in walking to, and over, the Pudding Creek Trestle next Monday!
We'll see.

It was clear and cold this morning. The frost on this purple PT Cruiser with the purple flowers in the background was a nice "find". The frost will dissipate in an hour. I wonder how long the flowers will last.

Something I been meaning to tell you.... Last year when I hiked up the switchbacks of McGee Pass I was sweating hard and slowed down to where I was breathing in and blowing out on every step, wondering if I could make. Pete and Dave stopped and suggested I look for heart shaped rocks for my Lolli, "It will help take your mind off your troubles."

This year I was struggling up McGee Pass and when the going got tough I remembered Pete and Dave's words. So......

The top rock was found hiking up the back side of McGee Pass.

The middle rock I found on my way up Telescope Peak.

The bottom rock I found while walking the beach of Elger Bay.

Looking for heart shaped rocks for my Lolli. Good idea!


  1. I'm kinda glad you didn't get a tatoo. Dark Blue toenail polish a few years back was enough of a shock for your kid-sis. I like your heart-shaped Lolli-rocks and I like that you refer to her as "your Lolli". Sweet.

  2. I've pretty much followed your blog and older Roadcow posts since inception and am really responding ro your previous post about potentially getting a little burned-out. Dare I suggest something a little different like driving 'gasp' to a nearby town and doing some walks/photo opps there ? If there are any smaller bergs around the 'Ft.' it might be interesting.