Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Okay, let's wrap this up!

I had a family reunion to attend September 26th so it was time for some driving. 1,108 miles from Panamint Valley to Seattle.

We had a great reunion and other family gatherings and then I set off on my last adventure.

On a ferry boat. I wanted to do some kayaking in the San Juans.

Loading my kayak.

Setting off.

Chickened out! The wind picked up to the point of rolling whitecaps. I cancelled my overnight adventure.

High Sierra? YES! Telescope Peak? YES! Kayaking in the San Juan? Failed.

But two out of three ain't bad! :-)

Tomorrow? Walking Fort Bragg.


  1. Nice!!! I loved following your adventures. BTW-Great photos, too.
    It's all good...keep moving and enjoying

  2. Ah, the blessing of sweet adventure is knowing sometimes when to stay put. love the boat on the beach.