Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Taking granny for a walk.

My mother-in law is visiting for a month. Yesterday afternoon we took her for a walk over the Pudding Creek Trestle and out the Haul Road to Virgin Creek and back.

There were a lot of folks enjoying the beach at Pudding Creek.

The sky was so clear the Kings Range was visible, even the point near Cape Mendocino.

I checked to see what the distance from Pudding Creek Trestle to Cape Mendocino is (as the crow flies) and it is sixty four miles! Definitely a clear air day!

The surfing people were catching waves at Virgin Creek.

Someone, possible from Ricochet Ridge Ranch, enjoying a ride along the beach.

And then there was this guy!! He was looking down on us from the debris pile at Baxman Gravel!! All in all a beautiful, interesting walk


  1. Great shot of deer! Nice to see Margaret and Lolli enjoying the coast again.