Friday, August 21, 2009

Little begger

Don't tell anyone but I took my Mother-in-Law to McDonald's yesterday. I bought two Hot Fudge Sundays and then drove us to the end of Ocean View Drive to enjoy our ice cream and the view. Sitting there we noticed something pop up just in front of the vehicle.

It was a squirrel!

Just standing there quietly looking at us.

Alright. Alright!

I sprinkled out the chopped nuts that came with our Sundays.

Boy, he's good!


  1. Cute! I bet Margaret had a great time!
    Remember my Dairy Queen date with Mom? This was when she was in the nursing home and was pretty far into alzheimers. I brought her a Heath Bar Crunch Blizzard and a hamburger and she went right for the Blizzard. I told her "Man cannot live by Blizzards alone" and she shot right back at me "Man can TRY!!"

  2. That's the "California ground squirrel". Same family as prairie dogs and marmots. (see wiki) My dog Sasha went nuts over these. Nice outing with Margaret.

  3. Oh My - Hot Fudge Sundays sound delicious! I want one! I want that squirrel too, he's adorable!

  4. I found your site via a comment on The Red Squirrel: .

    I have to say that is one very clever begging squirrel. How anyone could resist is beyond me.