Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fort Bragg's First Friday Ugly Dog Contest

My personal favorite!

Dogs! Why do they love us so?


  1. So ... like, if you win ... your dog's UGLY???

  2. OOOH...NOOO!!! :-(

    People that dress up their pets should be dressed up the same way their pets are!

    So there..........

  3. I think if you have to add ugly clothes for your dog to look ugly, that's cheating. But then again, I really liked the one in curlers. Looks like it was a fun community event. Perhaps I could start an asymmetrical cat contest. I know our Gicle'e would be a contender.

  4. With due respect to my pal Ron, this was the PUP PJ Contest - prizes for the best doggie jammies. The Ugly Dog contest is Sept 5th as part of our Paul Bunyan Days festival...