Sunday, August 9, 2009

First Friday continued... "Belly Dancing!"

Yup! Right here on Laurel Street!

I liked the coordinated footware!

Here's a short U-Tube video of the rest of the dancers.

First Friday Fun!!


  1. It all happens in Fort Bragg Ron but don't forget you are supposed to be keeping your blood pressure down. :) Lovely photos and video.

    I also took the opportunity to look at the Skunk Train videos. Especially enjoyed the ride on the footplate. I am always fascinated that your steam locos have bells as well as steam whistles - saves lowering the steam pressure too much I guess. Also, until I saw that, I had wondered if they rang freely all the time but now I can see they are driver operated.

  2. Great video! Yeah, dancing barefoot on the pavement might have been a little distracting (and painful) for the dancers.