Friday, August 14, 2009

Ballast Bricks and Zugunruhe

Remember the newly constructed Pizza Oven at Fort Bragg Bakery I posted a photo of last month?

I got to visit again and here are some close up photos of the "ballast bricks" I mentioned in that blog.

These bricks were used as ballast in the sailing ships when they returned from San Francisco after delivering redwood.

We're talking late 1800's?

Fall must be in the air. The resident geese are getting that ol' Zugenrue feeling once again! Zugunruhe is defined as the need to migrate, or more accurately as a seasonally occurring restlessness.

Speaking of seasonally occurring restlessness.... I'm getting ready for an epic adventure. I am planning to spend most of the month of September backpacking, camping and kayaking. From McGee Pass to Puget Sound, September is going to be fun!

Speaking of planning. Here is an interesting blog involving a lot of planning!!


  1. Epic adventure-- solo?
    Son Dan did the Camino. It was a great learning adventure.

  2. Yikes....Ron, almost the whole month of September without one of your daily blogs?? :-( Ooh..Noo!

    Is someone else going with you or are you doing it solo??

    Have lots of fun, but do safely!

    Take alot a of pictures.

  3. That oven is so cool!

  4. Your upcoming adventure sounds wonderful. I will be on the Camino as of September 6. But I will read all about your adventure when I return. Post plenty of photos
    Thanks for the link

  5. Yes, my Bay Area friends live at "Brickyard Landing" -- where the original brick kilns are still standing. Cool!

  6. Just wanted to share a poster I just picked up. "Fort Bragg Bakery - Bread Baked on the old Brick Oven - Fresh Daily No Preservatives"