Monday, August 17, 2009

Taking a break.

The "guard dog" at La Bamba Grocery. One of the smartest dogs in town!

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I had a "plantar's wart" removed from the bottom of my right foot and it is taking longer to "get over" than I had thought and for some reason if I don't walk, I don't gawk and if I don't gawk I don't see things to document and if I don't document I don't have anything to blog and so..... long story short..... there's no blog.
I'm fine.
Check back in about a week.


  1. Bummer!

    BTW, I skated yesterday and walked the loop today. But then again, I'm still not blogging about it!

  2. So how about closeup pictures of things in the backyard....grass, the dandelions, insects, gnome statues, etc?

  3. Surely you have a folder full of outtakes that are just waiting for a place in your blog...

  4. Ugh. Just he memory of having one of those things removed hurts. It was a long time ago, but once it was out I think I was eventually able to put a little donut of foam padding around the area and get back on the road a little sooner than I might have otherwise. Hope you're back out there soon, Ron. We need our morning fix!

  5. Ooo sounds nasty. Hope all is healing nicely now.