Friday, August 28, 2009

A post for my Gearhead friends!

My friend Pete informed me that this year "bear canisters" are required beyond McGee Pass. I borrowed his "small" one. Damn, I hate to have to haul it in and out of McGee but it will make a nice camp seat! I have seven days worth of food crammed into it:

Six mornings of oatmeal with raisins, brown sugar and powdered milk.
Seven lunches of trail mix, sardines, cheese and crackers.
Six dinners of either; split pea soup, lentil soup, corn chowder or black bean soup with fresh garlic added for enhancement!
Four Lara Bars for an occasional treat.
Ten "Black Tea with Double Bergamot" tea bags.

Here is my "Gear" or "Kit". Mariposa Plus backpack on the left. Folding fiberglass tent poles. "The One" Gossamer Gear tent. REI Goose down sleeping bag. 12 oz of white gas in a small MSR bottle. Seva 123 white gas stove with 6 oz. of gas inside. Aluminum foil "windshield" for stove. Snow Peak titanium pot with lid. Aluminum drinking cup. Rolled up Tyvek rain suit. Two water bottles. NeoAir air mattress. Two "Polycryo" groundsheets. The afore mentioned bear canister with food. Katadyn water filter. Cat hole shovel with emergency duct tape wrap. Toilet paper in zip bag with toothpaste and tooth brush.

Not shown.
Small stuff sack containing Moleskin sketchbook, two Micron pens, colored pencils, tweezers, minature scissors, Neosporin, Moleskin, extra nylon line, four spare "eneloop" AA batteries, large garbage bag for emergency pack cover, ShamWoW towel, small scrubber sponge, small container of Dr. Bronner soap, MicroBites spoon/knife/fork, small Petzl headlamp, foam ear plugs, small box of matches, butane lighter, PacerPole camera adapter. Small squeeze bottle of 30 SPF sunscreen and a small spray bottle of Deet mosquito repellent.

Plus, Crocs for leisure wear!
30 pounds.

Also not shown.
Tilly Hat, IceBreaker body shirt, IceBreaker long sleeve T-shirt, Patagonia "Down Sweater", two pair of nylon Gold Toe socks, one pair of Smart Wool socks, Nike Elite Running Shoes, NorthFace gloves, Wool stocking cap, PacerPoles, Canon PowerShot A2000IS camera, miniature PhotoLogic tripod, Garmin 60CSx with Topo U.S. 24k chip installed.

E-gad! It sure takes a lot to go for a walk now days!! Why I remember back when mom would send me and my brudder off camping with just a blanket and a cast iron skillet!


  1. 30lb with all that fine food is good. As for the days of a blanket and not much else. Light tents, air mats to sleep on and a nice stove to make a brew sure are better. Have a good time on the trip.

  2. Egad! I will worry until you report back in. I'm not sure which is worse ... being kept awake by the "sounds in the night" or NOT hearing them!

  3. 30 pounds!! Wow!! I have just about all the weight I can handle at 15-20 pounds!!
    Looking at your list and gear, you've done a swell job!
    Enjoy your trip!