Saturday, August 1, 2009

Look what I happened upon!!

This is a group of bicyclists from the Paradise/Chico area doing my Fort Bragg Oddities tour!

They had laminated my brochure and had additional copies to take with them on their bikes. This is the second year some in the group have done this. They camp at Mackerricher State Park for several days and do day trips around the area; the Oddities Tour being one of their adventures. How cool is that!!

Print out your own self guided tour here.


  1. I love your Fort Bragg oddities tour. I think when I come back from my trek across Spain, I will make one up for my own town(on the other coast).
    While training for my trek, I am walking for hours each day, I have gotten to know my town pretty well.
    Hmmm..Must start taking photos on my walks.
    Thanks for a great idea.

  2. Very cool! Aren't Chico people great?!!

  3. I'm thinking the same thing as Rita. I want to do one for Willits. 8^)

  4. Isn't it great when you put something out there and find that people are picking up on it and even creating an event around it? I personally have never had that happen, but now at least I personally know some one who has.

  5. Really cool. These are my neighbors. TJ