Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Okay. Okay.

A couple of folks are missing their "Walking Fort Bragg" fix while I am taking a little hiatus so...
Let me tell you about this!

I was at my mother-in-law's cabin a couple of summers ago and saw crows dive bombing what I thought was a cat in the tall grass. I walked over to investigate and it turned out to be a Great Horned Owl! With it's foot caught in a trap!!

I called the Critter Care folks and a guy came out with a butterfly net and a pet carrier. We cornered the owl, caught it and removed the trap from its leg.
We put it in the carrier and he took it away for rehabilitation.
That is how I got the amazing, close up, photo at the top of this blog!


  1. Nice story. More please.

  2. Thank, nice to have my walking Fort Bragg fix even when there's no (current) walking involved. Hope your foot heals up quickly and you can get out on your epic journey next month.

  3. Great stuff. Well done on helping a creature in distress and for getting the amazing photos. The first certainly is a beauty.

  4. Way cool!! Glad there was a happy ending.