Sunday, August 30, 2009

My hat says it all.

And I am.
I'm heading for the Vast Wilderness tomorrow morning, August 31st. I plan to spend almost a week doing day hikes and acclimatizing near Mammoth, CA. Then head over McGee Pass as the Labor Day folks retreat. I plan to spend seven days backpacking.

After that I'm thinking about doing a round trip hike from Mahogany Flats to Telescope Peak.

Then mozy north along 395 in my Vanagon with my Kayak. Maybe do some kayaking on Mono Lake, again.

I want to be in the Seattle area by the 26th of September for my Aunt's 80th birthday party. After that I would like to spend a couple of weeks in the San Juan's with my Lolli and her mom.

I expect to return to Fort Bragg around the second week of October with stories to tell and photos, lots of photos!

I hope you too can take the time to "Get Out". And if you can't, you might enjoy checking the"Links I like" over there on the left. Interesting bunch of folks.



  1. Nice. Do be careful in the woods all by yourself. I'm anxious to see you in Seattle at the end of September. I'll be thinking of you on my birthday and how you inspire me. BTW, nearly 12,000 steps today.

  2. Your adventures sound guaranteed to be spectacular. Take care, all of you.

  3. See you at the Hoo Ha Diane. Meanwhile Happy Birthday!

    Thanks Elaine! I'll be careful.

  4. Thanks for the update Ron...been following your blog for a few years and loved the story on Roadcow.

    Have fun and take it one step at a time!

  5. Wow Ron, an exciting few weeks! Enjoy and come back safe and sound. Looking forward to the photos :)