Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rain on the way but meanwhile...

Rain is on the way and we can use it but....
I took this photo while in Dublin last week.  It is a close up of rain on the windshield of my brother-in-law's car while waiting for him to get something at a store!
Camera!  Don't leave home without it!!

During this morning's walk I was pleased to see this colorful paint job on a dreary day.

And pray flags always cheer me up.

I noticed the Skunk Train repair truck and trailer ready to head out and do some maintenance on or alongside the tracks.  It is hard to see the van's wheels in this photo because of the lighting but those are flanged steel wheels that the vehicle rides on and they do go "clickity clack"!!

The decorations are up at Town Hall.  You can see where the "swag has swung" against the columns!!


  1. I imagine the Ft Bragg end of the Skunk is planning for some Christmas runs, just as they are over here in Willits. Big confession: I've never been on the Skunk Train!

  2. I hadn't either until company showed up and we had to do something with them!

    Actually, riding the Skunk is a very interesting experience. We've ridden it three times now, over the years. One time we rode behind the steam engine from Fort Bragg to Northspur. The motor car from Northspur to Willits and back to Northspur and the diesel engine pulled us home. All three forms of motive power in one day!!

    But that was a few years ago.

  3. I love that picture of the raindrops. I hadn't noticed before the tiny tree silouettes reflected in each raindrop before. Cool!