Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I wish I had zoomed out a bit to show just how much parking space this Smart Car didn't use!

Highway One and the side streets entering Highway One got their "No Parking" curb areas repainted.  I had to check and see if they painted both sides of the horse and buggy tie down ring.

Last evening Santa was out and about riding in this firetruck while his "Elves" handed out candy canes to the attracted children and on-lookers.  Christmas carols on the loud speaker and occasional operating of the various siren tones brought 'em running!

I noticed Carl getting in an early morning flight before going to work.  He recently bought this L-19 Bird Dog which was originally built in 1951!  Last Spring Carl was flying a Yellow Ultra-lite around town but he has "stepped up"!

Early morning light on the statue in front of the Weller House.  The weatherman has promised us quite a change in the weather by Friday; possibly snow in the higher elevations!

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  1. That car is tinier than a Messerschmitt.