Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hi Kids

I got in a two hour walk this morning and even though it was dark and sprinkling, it felt great!
I'm still in my "out of whack" phase but gaining on it and a walk really helped.

I noticed the new bike lane markings are installed on Main Street/Highway One through town.  They look great but then I got to noticing other markings along the sidewalk and I'm not sure what they are about.....

I love mysteries.

Meanwhile, have a happy holiday season and for those of you who are into the christmas thing, have a happy and safe Eve and Day!


  1. Those markings look to be alien petroglyphs, and fairly recent at that. I would be afraid, very afraid!
    Or not, maybe the Martian’s are just wishing the fair city of Fort Bragg a Merry Christmas

    # 2

  2. Aliens for sure. Or else it's city workers.

    Glad you're back Ron. Happy Holidays.

  3. So maybe these are whack-a-doodles? Stay safe and warm, Ron. Happy holidays.

  4. Aliens in Fort Bragg - that might spark some interesting reportage!
    All the best to you and yours Ron.