Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Honey! I'm home!

Boy, it sure ain't Fort Bragg out there.

Day or night the traffic rolls on.

But fortunately there are pockets of nature.  My sister and I walked every morning and enjoyed them.

Here's your's truly in the Dublin hills!

We happened upon this flock of wild turkeys and told them to run and hide; "Thanksgiving is coming"!

And we spotted this "Western" Bluebird, my first!

And yes, we did eat bird.  My brother-in-law smoked an eighteen pound turkey! 

All in all we had a wonderful visit.


  1. Thanks for posting about your Thanksgiving get-away. I recognize that kind of traffic from when we go to Seattle. Ugh. The turkeys - so many! And love the little bluebird - it is so beautiful.

  2. The meal looks fantastic. I can't imagine living with that kind of driving anymore, but it looks like the food was worth it.

  3. Great serial killer vib in that Dublin Hills photo. Very atmospheric.