Monday, December 8, 2008

Amazing Sunset

There was a most amazing sunset happening last evening.  By the time I noticed it I only had time to run out into the center of Laurel Street and shoot West.  I wished I had been somewhere with a better foreground but.....  there it is.  You can see the edge of the "front" out over the ocean.

I followed up with this detail shot from our back yard.  No Photoshop or fiddling around with the images.  This is the way it was!  Quite amazing!


  1. Hey Ron, we had the same sky up here on Saturday in Vancouver. Cool! I especially like the 2nd picture.

  2. That is an amazing sunset! Thanks for the b-day wish, its getting better already.

  3. It looks like a field of fresh snow to crunch across (upside-down)! I envy your oceanside sunsets.