Friday, December 26, 2008

31 degrees

31 degrees this morning.  I could hear the surf as a continous white noise even from my bed encouraging me to get up and come see!  And, as always, I'm glad I did.  The Pudding Creek Trestle was slick with frost but not impossible to cross even though State Parks had put up warning signs at the southern end.

A thin crust of ice had formed in the pot holes.

Frost on the Headlands.  A seldom seen scene!

I was suprised to see strings of pelicans using the high surf conditions to cruise along, rising and dipping as the waves broke.

There was even a dusting of frost on the sand dunes!

This would have been a great photograph if my hands and camera weren't so darn cold!

On the way home I spotted this pair of Brewer's Blackbirds as they spotted me!

A glorious morning as news of massive storms rake most of the country.  The weatherman says we will have rain this weekend.


  1. Wow. Pelican's and huge rollers. Looks like a great morning to be out.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this walking essay. What great photos. The dusting of frost on the headlands...I've never seen that before. I can't choose; loved them all. Glad you were called outside for these!

  3. Remarkable! It was glorious here in SF. I had no idea it was so cold just a 160 miles to the north. LOVE the blackbird pair. What a find.