Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last morning walk. Oops! Opossum

According to Wikipedia...  "Their unspecialized biology, flexible diet and reproductive strategy make them successful colonizers and survivors in unsettled times."

Except this one on Cedar Street!

And, it looks like Christmas is winding down.

Speaking of unsettled times and things in change..., I've been "slowly" adjusting to the idea of moving to Seattle for the next five months; January to May!  I volunteered to be primary caregiver for my mother-in law at her home in Shoreline (just north of Seattle).  I'm not really happy about leaving Fort Bragg AND California but it is the good and right thing to do; besides she is a great lady.

I'm taking my computer with me because I want to continue this blogging thing.  So, for a while, it won't be about walking and gawking Fort Bragg.  I'm not sure what it will be about but hopefully, if you hang in here with me, we will  find out!!

2009.  Oh boy!


  1. Ron, my brother lives in S. Seattle. It really is a great city if you like such things. Except you won't get as much sun. And the traffic is terrible. And right now the weather really stinks; BUT you will get to eat at Walley's Fish Eatery! Take heart. Keep us posted and I'm looking forward to your images of Seattle.

  2. Looks like you'll be close to Ken and Marilyn. Looking forward to your critical eye discovering Seattle. Best wishes.

  3. Really sorry to see you go, but be positive and hopefully you will be back to continue with all your great observations of Fort Bragg.

  4. Ron my sister in law lived for a few years in Seattle and loved it, there are many unwalked and ungawked places Im sure you will find there.

  5. There are some marvelous people up there, Ron. I'm sorry we haven't arranged our own meet-up yet, but summer will be better for that.

    I love your shot of the snail here, btw.

  6. You'll be a neighbor, Ron. Your "eye" will surely find new treasures in Seattle. See you soon.