Friday, December 5, 2008


Elaine of Willits Daily Photo posted this photo on her blog the other day.

Walking down Franklin Street yesterday I spotted another vehicular paint job; moon phases and clocks.  Quite nice but it makes one wonder why anyone would paint their car like that.

Except me.  Here is my 1971 VW bus I painted to look like a cow. 
I had years of fun with that cow until I finally had to put her down!
Here's more about "ROADCOW".


  1. I like the udders on the back of your roadcow. Nice touch.

  2. You're the ROADCOW guy!?! YOU!?! I love it. 8^)

  3. OMG, look at that bus. It's .... adorable isn't quite the word. Well, you know what I mean. Too rich, Ron. Now, I'll have to go read the story.

  4. I have totally seen ROADCOW!! How awesome! I used to drive a Hightop, custom by Adventurewagen (out of Ft. Bragg area, still in business far as a I know) with plates reading BIGMAMA. She was a big girl :) 2 bedroom is what we called it. Hated to sell her. So cool to see this!

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