Thursday, November 2, 2006


After my excellent hike to Panamint City I am back in Fort Bragg doing my little walks in the dark that now seem like a waste of time.

After two weeks of glorious desert sunshine it is raining.

Reasons I should have stayed in bed loom large in my mind as I walk along. Even the glistening street says Stop!

But I see the haunted house has shifted motifs from Halloween Witch to Thanksgiving Turkey.

Going off daylight savings time has brought a wee bit of light to my walk, a last gasp before winter. I’m wondering if I shouldn’t move my walk to a later time so there is more to see. On the other hand I like the peace and quiet of six to seven when people are just getting up and the streets are empty.

I finish my walk and I feel much better and am glad I did it.

All part of the mental down and up of walking.

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