Friday, November 17, 2006

Outside Lies Magic

Jen of Walking Berkeley recommended the book, “Outside Lies Magic”. I ordered it from our library and after a two week wait it finally arrived. I’m now on page 37. The author “John Stilgoe” is basically preaching to the choir when it comes to the joy of walking but he does instill in me the desire to look a bit closer at my realm. Case in point; I walked to Safeway this morning (two miles round trip) and in the parking lot noticed these guys steam-cleaning the shopping carts. Prior to reading “Outside Lies Magic" I’m sure I would have noticed the steam cleaners but I doubt that I would have taken the time to actually stop, look and photograph.

Also, during my early morning walk, I noticed this book about our Skunk Train in the window of the used book store on Franklin. I wonder if our library has a copy. You see, I recently discovered the most amazing thing. The Library not only will order and loan me a book but they will also take it BACK! I no longer have to keep adding bookshelves!! It has taken me years to figure this out!


  1. Very nice photo!

    I borrow lots and lots of books from the library, and even more now that we have a free interlibrary loan service with a group of CA libraries. That looks like a fun book!

  2. I consider the public library part of my own private library and woe betide any bastard who takes out something I want!

    Great steam photo BTW.

  3. Fort Bragg Library has several copies but at least two of them are in storage for the duration of the remodel. There are many more copies in the system though, so order away!