Friday, November 3, 2006

Glass Beach Development

I had a rather interesting walk this morning.

I overslept and got out the door twenty minutes later than usual which cast a bit more light on the situation.

I decided to walk to the Glass Beach Development which I know nothing about.

On my way I passed this recently repainted Victorian and decided to take its picture in the early morning light. I rested my camera against Rossi’s Building Supply across the street because it was going to be a slow exposure. What I didn’t expect was my flash going off. Well, it did and that caused the interesting light in the lower left window.

Entering the Glass Beach Development I noticed Fort Bragg ran out of tree names and seem to like the name Stewart.

And there is Cimolino Way. John Cimolino was a County Supervisor. Cimolino Way turned out to be one block long. Sort of a strange reward for years of service!

Another thing I noticed. Elections are happening next Tuesday and there was not one political candidate poster in all of the development! Can it be against a zoning ordinance to endorse your favorite politician?


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