Saturday, November 18, 2006

Something Different

Today was such a fine day I decided to walk to “Happy Lane”. The downside? Happy Lane is two miles north of town. To get to it I walked the dreaded Highway One.

Highway One is not walker friendly, nor bicycle friendly although it is the famous, “Do the One”, route for many cyclists. In places the room I had between speeding cars and a soggy ditch was the width of the fog line.

Part of my reason for walking the One was to get a taste of what it might be like in case I decide to walk to Seattle. In just two miles I discovered I really have to trust drivers to give me some room. Not a happy thought in this day and age.

I arrived at Happy Lane and walked east to a private airport. I’ve known about this airport for years but this was my first peek.

On my way back I took the Virgin Creek "beach access" trail to the Haul Road and had a much “Happier” walk home.

5.8 miles.

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