Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Okay Okay!

My “writing/reading/knitting buddy” and the “ice cream lady” both reminded me about the big mural on the north side of the building by the Skunk Train depot!
"How could you have possibly forgotten that one?"

Well, getting old sure helps!


I took this photo of X-45 last August.

Fort Bragg is very fortunate to have the Skunk Train, a railroad system left over from the logging days. Currently it is operated as a tourist attraction. They have Old X-45, a 1924 Baldwin 2-8-2 steam engine, a Diesel/Electric engine, a motor car and some rolling stock, Pullmans and open cars.

I love hearing the steam whistle. It is a real nostalgic event for me as I remember hearing steam powered trains when I was a kid in the 1940’s. I can tell when different engineers are operating the train just by the “English” they applied to the whistle lanyard.

I found this during my walk this morning. That makes TWO misaligned manhole covers!!

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