Sunday, November 26, 2006

One out of Three

Yesterday at the Guest House Museum I heard the story that a Mr. Stenberg, as a joke, named a street in Fort Bragg after a street in New York City saying, “Now we got a Wall Street too”.

Swedish humor!

Today I decided to take a walk and check it out.

I found Wall Street and took this photo but here is the rest of the story…

When I first started walking the Streets of Fort Bragg my friends Ed and Suzanne asked me if I had seen the house that looks like a boat?

“No, and don’t tell me, I’ll find it.”

That was last summer and the days grew darker and darker. I figured I would not find it until spring.

But today I walked the length of Wall Street and discovered three things.

1. There are no banks on Wall Street.

2. There are no brokerages on Wall Street.

3. There is a house that looks like a boat on Wall Street!
High Fives!


  1. Question - how did you get that shot with the street signs in lower left corner? Were you standing on something? Great angle, and the clouds in the distance are something to behold - makes a house which is also a boat seem very sensible.

  2. Your very observant! I extended the legs of my tripod, set the delay timer for ten seconds and held the legs of the tripod up as high as I could reach to get the camera up where I wanted. The forth attempt captured the image I was after!

    Tricky business but it worked!