Monday, November 13, 2006

Past and Future

This was the past

This is the Future

Amost the complete ocean front of Fort Bragg, 465 acers, was occupied by the lumber mill.

The mill closed in November 2002. The remains are slowley being removed. Recent elections seated city commissioners who I hope will have a better vision for the property than what happened at the Glass Beach Development where expensive "second homes" face the ocean and "affordable housing" fill in the back.

Glass Beach Development

I think it would be wonderful if Fort Bragg can keep the historic flavor of downtown and the Skunk Train and build on that theme along with parks, hiking and biking trails and beach access.

Fort Bragg has a great opportunity for a "second chance" few other towns ever get. It will be interesting to see if the City Planners and the Coastal Commission are up to it.


By the way, the Old Coast Hotel "neon" sign's" clock in my last blog is correct only twice a day!


  1. As much as I respect your hope and optimism I'd have to say developer kick-backs to bureaucrats regardless of their politics would be irresistable, especially up here in Oregon - they'd have as many luxury condos stuffed in that space as possible ....... but let's hope not.

    Bob O'Portland

  2. Ditto. Hope they come through for the little people but experience tells me they won't.