Friday, November 10, 2006

34 degrees

I had a bit of a wrestle getting out of my warm bed this morning but stayed the course and “hit the bricks” at 6:00AM.

I got my stride going and headed up Harrison wearing the sweatshirt hood over my ears and cotton gloves on my hands; walking fast to generate some body heat. Just walking, zoned out, enjoying the crisp air. When I turned the corner at Fir and Harold, Bingo! Something’s changed!

During previous walks past this corner I have noticed how the lights kept burning out on the Cotton Auditorium Marquee. The far one would be out. A week later the two middle ones would be out. Next time they would all be working and a week later the first one would be out!

I kept wondering if it was possible they were on individual switches but that didn’t seem likely. I meant to start keeping track of which ones were out but this morning, Bingo! They have all been changed to energy efficient florescent bulbs! It is nice to see something positive happen without saying a word.

Another plus this morning was spotting two bumper stickers I had noticed during previous walks when I didn’t have my camera with me. I have gone looking for these stickers various times but couldn’t find them. This morning both were along my route and this time, I had my camera. Yes!

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