Wednesday, November 8, 2006


I don’t know what bothers me more, this church reader board or the fact the water department can’t put the lid back straight!! Both of these oddities were spotted during, what I have come to consider, my basic walk; out the door at 6:00AM, North to Winifred. South to Walnut, home by 7:00AM.

It rained during the night but was dry this morning with the sun almost clearing the coastal hills when I finished my walk.

Attention. Attention. Square telephone pole and Obelisk update:

Local friend Valery e-mailed me some information. She said an old-timer told her the Obelisk was a mailbox post and the square telephone poles were where death notices were posted.

The obelisk does have two rusted off mounting locations at about mail box height.

As for the square telephone poles…. the flat surfaces would be perfect for posting death notices, I guess.


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