Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Blue Dauber

Walking along this morning wondering what I could document and then noticed the Blue Dauber had been around!


Could be art!

But hey, it's a job.

I see someone switched to a Flat Panel.

And here is a method for turning graffiti into... graffiti!!


  1. Those blue daubs are part of what I call civic graffiti; I believe that the blue signifies water mains. Our civic graffiti daubers also work in yellow, orange, red, green and white. One day I finally saw one of these artists with his spray equipment, something that a more prosaic graffiti artist would die for -- several colors of paint, all on a long-handled squeeze apparatus. PS -- the last two pictures are wonderful commentaries on the times.

  2. My comment has nothing to do with today's blog although I do love blue. It has to do with your blog as a whole. I stumbled across it on some Fort Bragg site by way of your odditiy brochure (which, by the way, needs to be updated to take out the missing square poles).

    My second home from birth 'til high school was in Albion. We mostly stayed to our little "cabin" but would, on occasion, "go to town". After my grandmother sold the cabin we started spending our time at the coast in Fort Bragg staying at various inexpensive places.

    Now that I'm an adult with kids of my own, the coast is still my favorite place to go. We hunker down at the very affordable and wonderfully adequate Colombi Motel for an over nighter or a 3-day weekend... whenever we can get away.

    Reading your blog opened my eyes to a whole new Fort Bragg!! I started in October of 2006 and read right up to January 2009... no offense but I don't much care about Oregon. I look forward to your return to the wonderful coastal town that I consider the best place on earth when I will again be able to keep up with road repaving, horse and buggy ties, sports with names I can't pronounce and other little treasures Fort Bragg holds.

    Thanks for the great work and for sharing it with us.

    I'll be heading over the Coastal Range from the Sacramento Valley (Colusa) in two days for my birthday. I'll be on the look out for your oddities and maybe some of my own.


  3. I will be back in Fort Bragg in early June but I don't know if it will be by the 1st.