Monday, May 25, 2009

Coupeville visit

Here's my travelogue about my get-away to Coupeville.

This photo was actually taken by my brother when I was leaving Coupeville but all bus stops look pretty much the same.  I did walk one mile from my mother-in-law's house to the Aurora Village Transit center where I waited for the 101 bus which would take me north on Aurora Avenue to 148th street near Everett.  I transferred there to the 113 bus for a ride down to the Mulikteo Ferry.  Total cost (for seniors) .50 cents!

On the 113 passing all the Memorial Day Weekenders waiting for the ferry.  I later heard their wait was three hours!

But no wait for me as I walked on board.  Cost of the round trip ferry ride (for walk-on seniors) $1.95.

On the ferry watching the cars come on board.

Passing the other ferry on this route between Mulikteo and Clinton, Whideby Island.

Early Saturday morning walk with my brother around Coupeville.

Penn Cove.

Front Street bonding!

Touches of local humor.

A nice visit; a wonderful dinner, good sleep, an interesting walk followed by a fine breakfast, some conversation and it was time to return to "the mainland".

I rode the Island Transit bus while on Whideby Island from Clinton to Coupeville and back.  Total cost, zero.  Nada.  Zip!  Even for (seniors)!!  Here we are arriving back at Clinton Ferry terminal.

On the "mainland" waiting for the 101 bus back to the Aurora Village Transit center.

Walking the last mile back to my mother-in-law's.
Traveling to Coupeville took four and a half hours.  My return trip took only four.
It was a fun little get-away and astounding weather for a Great North Wet Memorial Day Weekend.  Unprecedented!!
Thanks bro and bride for hosting me.  :-)


  1. Love the ferry and public transit pix. The ferries in the Puget sound are fun.

  2. Good on ya - the bus is the way to go, forget the car.