Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shooting what catches my eye.

For years I would be heading to some destination, notice something worth photographing but continue on because I was in a hurry to get where I was going.  Many times I wished I had gone back.  Now that I am retired I make a point of stopping, going back to whatever it was that caught my eye and "documenting it".  Same with my morning walks.  What catches my eye I stop and "document".

I like sharing the results with my blogging community.  And, it is all transitory.  We look, we enjoy and we blog on.
This last photo is for my Lolli.  It is the Rhody beside her mom's driveway.


  1. Those white flowers below the mirror looks like something any bride would love to carry. Exquisite!

  2. We've been on the move for the pst few days, and I've missed the usual visual feast I use to start to my day. What a great eye you've got, Ron! And somewhat less egregious Crocs than my unfortunately unmissable orange boys.

  3. You are at your best doing your own thing.

  4. To mash up a quote, "The moving finger clicks
    And having clicked, moves on."

    Your philosophy is quite similar to mine, thanks to the capacity of a huge hard drive!

  5. The city that blooms! Great shots, Ron.

  6. I may not know you personally, Ron, but I love what catches your eye. Would love to join you on a photo walk on my next trip to Mendo/Fort Bragg... whenever that may be.