Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Special

I went out the door this morning to discover my cousin-in-law Chris waiting to go on my 6:00 AM walk with me!!  He had mentioned he might several weeks ago and by golly, unannounced, here he was!  Good thing I didn't sleep in!  :-)

We decided to do my Richmond Beach Salt Water Park loop.  While visiting the park we speculated as to what this might be.  There are at least five of them scattered around the park.

Here is the top of one in the foreground.  Chris noticed they all seem to be aligned on the Summer/Winter Solstice/Equinox display; that round platform in the top center of this photograph.  The platform has markings for where to stand during various phases of the year. 

Crossing the bridge over the railroad tracks we noticed a freighter heading north out of Seattle.

Here is our morning route, a nice four and a half mile jaunt.

We spotted this cluster of flowers along the way and I had to stop and take their picture!

Meanwhile, updates from the home front!
Margaret visited her hair dresser for the first time since she got out of Rehab.  She will not let me show you the "before" photo!

A family of Chickadees are moving into the bird house in the front yard.   Margaret built this box years ago.  I added the wire "crown" to keep the crows from landing on it.  Last year the Chickadees were in this box and I noticed a crow trying to reach down and in to get a baby!!

The resident crows are claiming the front yard bird bath as their own.

The Chickadees make their little buzzing sound whenever the crows are near.

Note:  I just found a blog about the "Reflex Solaris" at Richmond Beach Salt Water Park.  Read about it here.

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