Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Second post of the day!!

The Seattle Times has recently added a column by Gabi Campanar called Seattle Sketcher.
That lead to my discovering Urban sketchers.
 Which I have added to my "Links I like" over there   <----  on the left.

I got to thinking about how I used to sketch and decided to try, again.  I bought a Moleskin sketching book and started doodling the daily scene but kept my efforts to myself.

This morning I read Rob's blog  where he said,

 "While the result on paper is a smudge of zero.... value there is another more significant result for me - a little bit of satisfaction in taking more than 1/500th second at making my observation. ".

That was the push I needed to decided to "come out".

I know these are  amateurish and shouldn't see the light of the blog-0-sphere but, on the other hand, it really is fun to engage in a few minutes of doodling.  Maybe you too will join the fun!

This one is about visiting nurse Magdalina changing the dressing on Margaret's big toe.

I know, I know, if I have to explain it, it isn't very good.  But hey!  I'm doing it!


  1. Ron, These are so worth posting. Despite all the technology packed into a camera there is no button you can press for feeling - and your sketches have that most telling quality. More!

  2. Hi Ron, Love your blog. Congratulations on 'coming out'! You have a super style, capturing expression and mood with relatively few confident lines, brilliant.

  3. Your sketches are inspiring. I knew it was Margaret as soon as I saw it. Keep it up.

  4. Love it. Keep it up and share.

  5. hi Rob, i found your post via Technorati, which shows folks linking to Urban Sketchers.

    These sketches are definitely worth posting! Keep it up! And don't call them doodles, they're drawings in its own right ;)