Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Puttin' granny to work!

Laundry time!

Waiting to go to work.  What's the hold up?

Patience granny.  Patience.  Almost dry!
(Grannies took this, her first digital picture!)

Okay.  Get busy!


My care giving time with granny is winding down.  She is much more functional than when I arrived six weeks ago but still needs live-in help.  My wife (grannies daughter) arrives this Friday to take over and I will return to our home in Fort Bragg, California.  Yes, my wife and I are currently  "ships passing in the night" but we are determined to "tag-team" and keep mom at home as long as possible.


  1. Granny certainly looks as though she is having a great time with you, Ron.

  2. Will you be resuming your walks around Fort Bragg when you return? I will be there on my birth date, June 1 and would like to join you.