Monday, May 11, 2009

Blue Monday

My self imposed task for this morning's walk was to photograph Blue.

Oh Boy!  What I call a 2-fer!

Returning home I spotted this wee hole of blue in a gray Monday sky.

Speaking of Blue, see if you can get through this video without laughing!!


  1. Enjoyed your Blue Monday - and I couldn't resist laughing at the video! Brilliant find.

    Also loved to see your aerial views on the previous entry. John

  2. Cool self-imposed theme! I'm in Fort Bragg right now, enjoying the view from my room at the Best Western. The train trestle looks great in the early morning sun. Perhaps the next time I pass through here, we can do a photo walk together.

  3. Thanks John.

    Janet, I hope you enjoyed my home town, Fort Bragg. I have been following your adventure across the country. Great photos!

    By the time you get to Whidbey I will probably be home .

    Safe travels.

  4. Great blue theme there, Ron - especially like your concept of the 2-fer!
    And thanks for the video laughs!