Thursday, May 28, 2009

Must be Thursday!

Know how I can tell?  The bins are out on the curb.
Dark gray for trash/kitchen waste.  Blue for recycle and Green for yard waste.

This is my last Thursday in Shoreline.  Goodbye Olympics!


  1. Mountains like those would not be easy to leave behind, Ron.

    The bin day there looks well organised and colour coded. Here we all use plastic bags and the street looks terrible as a consequence.

  2. If you want to find the "real" downtown of Willits on your journey, you have to go north of the 101/20 intersection. I assume you come over from I-5, rather than down 101 from the north, so you would miss it if you took the direct route home. Drive safely in any case.

  3. I've loved those pix of the Olympics that you've taken, Ron. When I was taking my mother up to Victoria, I always wanted to see the Olympics across the sound, but all too often, they were obscured by clouds.