Sunday, May 10, 2009

A change of Pace!

A couple of Margaret's relatives offered to stay Friday and Saturday night so I was able to take a little time off from care giving duties and go flying with my son Jeff.  He rented a Cessna 152 II and we flew from the Tacoma Narrows airport to the Anacortes airport for dinner!

Pre-flight checks complete, Jeff adds in some throttle.

Rolling rolling rolling, up, up and away.

Bye bye to the two Tacoma Narrows bridges.

North up the Sound.

One hundred miles later, arriving over the Anacortes refinery.

After a 2.4 mile walk from the Anacortes airport to the ferry terminal we discovered that of the three restaurants we had "Googled", one had gone out of business, one was still closed for the season but fortunately the third one, a snack bar was still in business.  The sandwiches weren't bad. Soft drinks from the vending machine, a couple small bags of chips and we were good to go!

A 2.4 miles post "dinner" hike back up hill to the airport and we were on our way south.

Swinging over the Anacortes marina.

And past a tanker being pushed up against the refinery dock.

Bye bye San Juans.

Mount Rainier hovering over Seattle.

The Space Needle.

Here we be!  The usual suspects.  Heading home.

The Tacoma Narrows Bridges back in view.  The airport off to the right.
Thanks Jeff.  That was just what the doctor ordered!


  1. Wow - great pictures! What fun! And I especially loved the last two. Oh, and remind me not to travel to Anacortes for dinner! :)

  2. What a fun ride - thank Jeff for me too. We had trouble finding a place to eat in Anacortes too one time...

  3. Thanks for taking us along on a grand adventure! Love that pic of Rainier looming over Seattle. Not to mention all that water activity.

  4. Ah, what a blast that must have been! Nice to see it in a series like this.

  5. Wow! Cool! You flew right over the island I'll be living on, I would guess. Next time you jet over Whidbey, wiggle the wings!