Monday, March 30, 2009

Wandering around

I was walking around looking for several Geocache in the area and in the process noticed a couple things I hadn't noticed before.  Like this for example.  This is the view north along former Highway One where it used to cross the Noyo River and continued on into Fort Bragg.  The old bridge is long gone and now you "can't get there from here" unless you use the current Highway One and the big bridge located one block to the west.

And this is the Old Willits Road which was replace by Highway 20.  I was trying to get the Old Willits Rd sign and the old Willits road all into one shot but it wasn't easy!

While in "South" Fort Bragg I had to stop by and take a picture of Van Peer's latest creation.  This boat works builds about one steel boat per year although it looks like work might have slowed down on this one.

The "Cross Streets Re-d0" continues.  This is the south side of East Laurel between Franklin and McPherson.

This is a little map I put together showing the cross streets involved in the project.

Oh boy!
It looks like the recent wind isn't accepting the change gracefully!


  1. All that sunshine looks so ODD. You left just in time Ron. This is the darkest, wettest time of year up here.
    You and Lolli got room for a visitor?