Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Catch Up

I wandered around Fort Bragg yesterday afternoon to see what I could see.

A lot more structure has been added to the new Aquatic Center.

I see they are finally addressing the remaining, difficult, storm drain / sidewalk corner ADA issues.

And remodeling the east/west streets of downtown Fort Bragg is ramping up.   This is more of the Franklin Street Re-do, only different!

The two horse and buggy tie-down rings are still in place.  One of the workmen told me the curb and sidewalk will be jack-hammered apart in about two weeks.

And flowers!

The spring bloom is well underway around town.


  1. Ahhh! Someone's happy to be home.

  2. I see you've got a good batch of civic graffiti there in Ft. Bragg...

    PS you had a wonderful word of the day in the captcha window: outzings!

  3. I love your opening shot with the lines and colors! Have you seen any whales breathing?

  4. I love the asters and ice plant in bloom. Both are spectacular this time of year and I wish I had either one. I do have jasmine vine which has been blooming since January, so I'm not exactly deprived. Welcome home, at least for the time being!