Monday, March 2, 2009

Break Time

I spent the weekend at my Mother-in-law's cabin on Elger Bay.  It is off season and all was quite. While there I walked a little over five miles, found three geocache and read a Lee Child novel.

Meanwhile, many tests were done at the University of Washington Hospital on my mother-in-law and it was determined she has a blood clot in one lung, fluid surrounding her lungs and was heading towards congestive heart failure.  She is now stabilized and the recovery process has started.

I will visit the hospital today and try to get a timeline on her recovery.  Current thinking is she will need to spend a month or so at a rehab facility after she is released from the hospital.  If so I will not be needed as a caregiver and return to my "regular program" in Fort Bragg for a while.

The above photo of Baby Island brings a smile to my face.  I kayaked to Baby Island last summer while grandma watched.  Hopefully we will do it again this summer.

1 comment:

  1. That sounds very serious, and I hope she perks up soon. Anything in the lungs sounds dreadful.

    I like that little island.