Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New adventure.

I decided to take the "Metro" to the hospital.  Very seldom in my life have I ridden mass transit but having spent four years in the Navy I have the "hurry up and wait" part down pat!

Here I am waiting for the 331 after walking one mile from my mother-in-law's home in Shoreline.

A change to bus 372 at Lake Forest Park and a half hour ride south I finally arrived at the University of Washington Campus.  The driver pointed out the window and told me to "Just take that path and follow it.  You will cross a bridge into the medical center".

I followed instructions, arrived in the medical center and looked at this map on the wall.  Oh boy!

Where's Margaret!

I finally found Margaret.  She was happy to see me but doing, what I would call, poorly.  The nurse's desk told me she will be in the hospital at least a couple more days and then moved to the Richmond Beach Rehab facility for another week or so.

I watched her sleep for several hours and then retraced my route home.

At the change over from bus 372 to 331 I missed the connection by five minutes and had an hour to wait for the next bus.  It started to rain so I crossed the street to a big mall where they had a huge chess set set up on the floor!  I guess I would name this photo, "Pondering my next move!"

Riding the transit is interesting.  Many folks know its intricacy's and are very nonchalant about it but to me it was all new and I worried about missing my connections and destination. 

Today should "go" a lot easier.


  1. I like the mass transit idea....but have not been brave enough to do transfers! You did very well, I'd say. God bless the doctors, caregivers, Margaret, and YOU!

  2. Yha know, Ron I should do the same thing. I just never seem to get myself to walk more. I'm 62 and should do what you are doing.

    BTY - Spent 11 yrs. in the US Navy. Served on the USS Carpenter DD-825 with a Tour in Vietnam.

    Stay well. GO NAVY!