Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Out and about

I see the sidewalk has been torn out along the south side of Alder Street.  Progress is progressing.

I was very surprised to see that Acme Automotive has a new owner.  Seems to me the original owner had it like, forever!

Eggheads Restaurant is under new ownership and has been for a while.  Because of my early morning walk the lights are on but just barely.

This aisle in Harvest Market is my friend!  This is where I get my dried Split Pea, Black Bean and Sweet Corn Chowder soup mix for my backpacking trips.  Also Trail Mix and bulk raisins!  Sweet!

Speaking of sweet.  This is the first Trillium I have spotted in Otis Johnson Park.

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  1. Trillium in California? My gosh, I thought that these were strictly eastern wild flowers. I recall both the white and the deep red from the Illinois woods. Ejoyed the walk, by the way, though I have to admit that I get more interesting dried fruit over at Costco than at our equivalent of your Harvest Market.