Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's coming together!

All this walking has some frosting in the near future,
I'm getting ready to do some backpacking!

This is a light weight, single person tent I recently bought called "The One".  It only weight one and a half pounds!

Last Fall when I hiked in the Sierra with Pete and Dave I used their water filter pump.  Now I have my own.

And I made a "Cat Stove".  It uses a Fancy Feast cat food can and denatured alcohol.  I made the aluminum legs to support it.

And here is my new Gossamer Gear Maraposa-Plus frame-less backpack.  You can hardly see it what with all my accoutrement's hanging on it!  The empty pack weights one and a half pounds!

This Thursday I am heading out on a four day, three night, backpacking shake down trip.  Total weight with food, water, GPS, camera and a good book to read; 25 pounds.

This is something I was dreaming about doing while in Seattle.

The time has finally come.  Woo Hoo!