Thursday, March 19, 2009

Holy Smokes

These guys are moving faster than I thought!  My friend Johanna asked me if I was keeping an eye on the tie-down rings and I said "Sure" but then I thought I better go take a look and by golly they were tearing up the old sidewalk on the south side of Redwood Avenue already!

Right across the street I discovered one ring was already gone!!  It had been where now there was temporary asphalt!  I ran over to the headman of the construction crew, "What happened to the tie-down ring you guys said you would save?"

"It's right over there in that chunk of curb" and by golly, it was!  He promised to break it out of the concrete and give it to me so I can have a new ring forged for it by Nick the Blacksmith.  Whew!  Jim the measure guy has already triangulated the location of these rings to help get them back into the same place when the new curb is poured.

Meanwhile, I noticed this "saltbox", kitty corner from the First Baptist Church, has a new coat of paint with lots of detail painting, even gold in places.  Looks great!

And the Azaleas are already out and smelling wonderful!
I'm taking off on a shake down backpacking trip and will not resume blogging until next Monday.  The weatherman is promising rain and snow in the higher elevations.  Should be a good test of my new tent and resolve!!  Have a great weekend.


  1. Quite a gentrification project on that "salt box" house... as for the tie down rings, we still have some of those left in older neighborhoods. Don't take all the rain out of that storm. We could use some when it gets to Arizona.

  2. Ron to the rescue again! thanks for watching out for the rings, glad I ran into you.

  3. Got to ask. Did you save it? And Nick the blacksmith? Any chance his last name is Steele? I've been looking for our old horseshoer, Nick Steele, and wondered... could it be him?