Thursday, February 7, 2008


This isn't someone trying to hitch hike out of town, No. This is what is left of one of the trees planted along Main Street years ago.

And here is one of the trees planted a while ago at the corner of Main and Laurel. It is slowly sawing itself in half due to the prevaling north wind and lack of maintenance.

Like this..., and the City is planning on planting new trees along the Franklin Street Redevelopment? Why bother?

And while I'm grumping, this isn't the correct time (I took this photo at 7:39 AM). Yet this is our prominet clock in Downtown Fort Bragg. It has been "out of whack" for so long that a local blogger and photographer has named her photo blog after it.

As for this wonderful "public clock" on Franklin Street, it isn't any help either. I don't recall ever seeing it operating. No wonder everyone is late!

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  1. The Clocktower clock in Woy Woy's been struck by lightning or graffittists (the get in the tower and disturb the mechanism) for about the 3rd time already this year. Before that each face told a slightly different time for a couple of years.

    We oughta rename it the Mad Clock of Woy Woy and make it a tourist thingy.