Friday, February 1, 2008


I headed north this morning in search of what I think will be my sixth and final city limit sign. Walking across the east side of the Pudding Creek Highway One bridge I notice a very active spill-way at the Pudding Creek dam. All that rain yesterday is now heading to the sea.

It started to rain so I gave up my hunt for the city limit sign. Returning over the west side of the Pudding Creek Highway One bridge I saw incoming waves from the Pacific traveling up Pudding Creek!! I had never noticed this before but then it takes the perfect timing of a lot of rain run-off, a high tide and large seas to make it happen.
Like so.... Red arrows showing the route of the incoming waves up Pudding Creek. The Dam arrow showing the location of the Pudding Creek spillway.


  1. What if Fort Bragg considered removing that pudding creek dam and helping restore the salmon runs to that watershed. Now that the GP Mill is in demise I'm unclear why the dam exists. This could be a publicity gathering event as well.

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  3. The last Ft Bragg city limits sign is north on highway One, up past the motels, past the North o Town center, past the field where the surfers park to go to Virgin Creek. Look under the trees next on the ocean side. It should be there unless it fell down again!

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