Monday, February 11, 2008

Magnificent Monday Morning

I decided to walk out the Ten Mile Haul Road again. I wanted to increase my mileage and it is seven miles round trip if I go as far as the wooden bridge at Mackerricker.

Daylight is starting to return to my early morning walks and this, what I call, "Tule Fog" was interesting to observe.

This is looking west from the wood bridge at Mackerricher State Park.

One of the "social trails along the way".

One wee shorebird. Sandpiper?

Last year I walked 6.6 miles on my birthday. This year I decided that rather than upping it to 6.7 for a wimpy tenth of a mile increase instead I will try to do 67 miles the week of my birthday!! I figure ten miles a day for the six days preceeding my birthday and seven on my actual birthday. My birthday isn't until April but I figure I better start pushing the envelope if I am going to be able to pull it off.

Don't tell anyone. It can sometimes be awful when we announce a commitment to the blogging world, look at poor old Green as a Thistle! She can't wait until her "commiment" is over.

By the way, the spell checker on google blogger isn't working so you are reading the real me, warts and all!


  1. Best of luck.
    Great pictures as ever.
    Once you start to look, there is always something interesting to see, don't you think?

  2. Love that rocky shore photo Ron.