Monday, February 18, 2008

Just a Suggestion

In April of 2006 the Pomo Bluffs Park was opened. A nice addition to the city of Fort Bragg but here's the thing. The City is now making plans for a hiking trail along the coastal edge of the former mill site and I have heard there are plans for planting hundreds of plants and trees.

I look forward to the hiking trail, benches, restroom and signage but I think they should save their money when it comes to planting trees and shrubs. I walked out to Pomo Bluffs Park this morning to document what has happened to all the plants, shrubs and the drip system that was installed in this park just a couple years ago.

I only saw three plants still struggling to survive. All the rest were gone.

The benches, restroom, bike racks and trail are wonderful but the bushes and trees were a bust.


  1. Great documentation. What a waste and detraction from the natural beauty.

  2. What causes the problem for the trees and shrubs? Is it wind (I gather that can be a problem) or vandalism?

    Are there any local species which might have a better chance of surviving?