Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Who'ed a Thunk It

I got an e-mail from my friend Ed telling me he thinks there is another city limit sign out around Todds Point. I head out into the 34 degree weather at a brisk walk this morning, over the Noyo Bridge, right onto Ocean View Drive and soon..., what's this?

Signage? It could be signage. I flip up the flash and voila!!

Number eight!! I guess this one is for those folks arriving Fort Bragg from the West other than by boat!!

Speaking of, "Who'ed a Thunk It", yesterday afternoon I walked out Cedar Street to take a photoof the biggest Tulip Tree I have ever seen. It seems to me a bit early for blooming but...

Tell it to this cherry tree!

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  1. Am really enjoying reading your blog having discovered it only recently. I particularly like the photos and the maps - I feel like I'm getting a feel for what Fort Bragg is like already. Keep up the good work!